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The story revolves around the mission and vision of ‘A Man on the Wheel’ with an undying spirit and will, whose singulars efforts have transformed the lives of many physically challenged humans of the city of Surat, the state of Gujarat and the great nation of India. Kanubhai Tailor was born in a small village Adas, in Anand Taluka of Kheda District on 17-5-1956, in a poverty-stricken and a superstitious family. Childhood poliomyelitis victimized him as he did not have access to quality medical treatment for this dreaded disease. Accepting the challenges of life as it came, he literally dragged himself to school for his basic education. Gradually crawling towards his destiny, he later joined the Apang Manav Mandal and the Sahajanand Arts & Commerce College in Ahmedabad for his higher studies. Facing lot of hardships in every moment of his life, made him realize the miseries attached with his own life and that of millions of similar lesser blessed mortals, who were living the life of destitution. This period of deep anguish and empathetic thoughts changed the attitude of his life, mission and destiny

In 1979 Kanubhai went on a hunger strike for eleven days with a protest to allow bus traveling free of cost for the disabled. The Gujarat Government bowed & came to terms and today thousands of disabled in Gujarat are availing this benefit for which Kanubhai had borne the pain & agony. This success was a beginning in the life of this little champion to fight for respectability and right for the Disabled.

Having gained in confidence, this young adult shifted to Surat in 1985 for more greener pastures. Economically still weak and with no family support he slept on the footpath and finally made his dwelling in a hutment in Surat. Here he met Mr.H.S.Kohli who encouraged him to start his own business. Kanubhai started off his entrepreneurial venture with a printing press in this very hutment. Here he used to train the disabled in this trade to make them self-dependent & self-sufficient. He always felt that the sufferings that he had undergone should not be borne by his fellow brethren.

In appreciation of his noble deeds for the disabled he received recognition in the form of an award as the "Best Employer" from the Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt.of Gujarat, "Best Person" and "Gujarat Gaurav" awards from the state. He is also a recipient of more than 40 (Forty) National and International awards including the prestigious "President's Award".

His indomitable spirit and his inclination to voice out for the disabled made him form an NGO in the name and form of "Disable Welfare Trust of India", in the year 1991. This he thought would be instrumental in creating a platform from where he could offer a basket of services to the underprivileged disabled persons, like education, training and rehabilitation.

In the past 10 years Kanubhai has achieved what he had dreamt off. He has waded his path with dignity and glory. He began his journey with head held high, never looking back, touched by an inner radiance that illuminates the journey ahead, translating intangible aspirations in to very tangible achievements.

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