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The Evolution of this Organization revolves around the spirit, dream and vision of one man, Kanubhai Tailor the numero uno of this institution, whose singular effort has transformed the lives of many physically challenged humans of the city, State and Nation. Paralyzed by Polio in both his legs he had to literally drag himself to the school, for his basic education and for his further studies. During his stint at the college he came across many like bodied persons who narrated their sufferings from the society and the perfunctory attitude of the State Government towards the disabled. Having heard about their miseries, Kanubhai decided to fight for justice by knocking the doors of the society and the Government and to make them understand their responsibilities.
In 1979 Kanubhai went on a hunger strike for eleven days with a protest to allow bus traveling free of cost for the disabled. The Gujarat Government bowed  & came to terms and today thousands of disabled in Gujarat are availing this benefit for which Kanubhai had borne the pain & agony. This success was a beginning in the life of this little champion to fight for respectability and right for the Disabled.
In the year 1985 he shifted to Surat where he started off his entrepreneurial venture with a printing press in this very hutment. Here he used to train the disabled in this trade to make them self-dependent & self-sufficient. He always felt that the sufferings that he had undergone should not be borne by his fellow brethren.His indomitable spirit and his inclination to voice out for the disabled made him form an NGO in the name and form of "Disable Welfare Trust of India", in the year 1991. This he thought would be instrumental in creating a platform from where he could offer a basket of services to the underprivileged disabled persons, like education, training and rehabilitation.
In a special survey that he commenced in the following years he came across 1280 children who were physically challenged and economically weak. The parents of these children thought that God had cursed them by giving birth to such a child in their family and only allowed them to tread outside their home to beg in the streets.

In 1997 in one of his interaction with the then Police Commissioner Mr.P.C.Pande, he asked Kanubhai that “I see many disabled children begging in the streets of Surat. Can't we do something for their upliftment and a dignified livelihood? With tears in his eyes Kanubhai replied "Sir, if we could offer some formal education & impart training to these children, we can polish them so well, that they can blend into the main stream of the society" Moved by his statement the Police Commissioner called up the in vogue Municipal Commissioner Mr.S.R.Rao to his place immediately. Here the three of them resolved that not a single disabled child should be deprived of formal education and decided that Kanubhai should start a school for the physically challenged.
As a result of this resolution the Municipal Commissioner allotted 10 rooms in an existing primary school run by the Municipal Corporation at Ambanagar in Surat. To make a beginningMr.P.C.Pande donated Rs.51000/-, which enabled to flag off this school under the aegis of "Disable Welfare Trust of India" on the 1st of July, 1997. On the first day only 4 (four) children turned up, but by persistent efforts of this intrepid fighter he managed to convince 118 children to come to school by the year-end. Dearth of funds made him frustrate on this mission, because he had decided to offer all the services like education, transportation, text-book, note-book, pen, pencil, school bag, uniform, lunch and physiotherapy treatment "free of cost" to these children.
" As you sow, so you reap " and the seeds of emotion and love sown for the disabled was well appreciated by many philanthropists and also by the Municipal Corporation who in the year 2000 offered a bigger and better premises with 18 Rooms at Khatodara, Surat
With more room at his disposal Kanubhai managed to encourage around 400 children to come to this institution and seek proper education and training. Having crystallized his thoughts in to reality, this enterprising human, dreamt of building his own barrier free school observing the disability act of 1995, where in he could offer different types of quality training to this underprivileged. Kanubhai applied to the Surat Municipal Corporation for a piece of land where he could come up with a big " Center for Learning".
The Corporation evenly responded and offered a land admeasuring 4500Sq.Yds. at Umara, Surat free of cost.  His Excellency Hon. Vice President of India Shri Bhairon Singh Shekhavat laid the foundation stone of the building in Feb., 2006.
A Committee was formed under the leadership Mr.H.S.Kohli of Reliance Industries Ltd. and Mr.V.C.Bedi of Larsen & Toubro Ltd. to look after the construction of the new building and within 9 months India's first barrier free complex was ready at an expense of 2.10 crores. In the past 10 years of the so many beneficiaries 3(Three) of them are doing their Masters in Business Administration (MBA), 7 (seven) of them are in the Medical stream, 1(one) is studying for Dentistry, 17(seventeen) of them are studying for Diploma in various Engineering faculties and many are pursuing course in Arts, Commerce and Science. There are 24(Twenty four) beneficiaries pursuing the ITI certified courses every year, of which 20 to 22 beneficiaries get direct employment through our efforts in various industries. Apart from this, disabled persons from city and villages around are provided proper guidance to get loans from the Handicapped Finance & Development Corporation, ranging from Rs. 1 Lac to 5 lacs, to enable them to start their own business.
The new building shall accommodate nearly 1000 children from the villages who can lodge, board and educate themselves. The trust also runs a hospital in future where in these physically challenged children are operated to correct their disability to a major extent. .
At present nearly 400 physically challenged children are availing the basket of services like education, training and rehabilitation free of cost. Apart from these the children are provided free transportation, Uniform, text book, notebooks and stationeries along with free mid day meal.

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Sr No. Name: Registration No.
1. Trust Registration No. E/3129/Dt. 19/11/1991 (SURAT)
2 Disabled Act. 1995. Gujarat State Reg. No. SDD/SRT/Disabled Act. action comm/1595/2000 Dt. 30/3/2000
3 Training Centre Reg. No. APG/46/Reg./98-99/3363/Ahmedabad Dt. 15/5/1998
4 Primary School No. APG/46/99-2000/69/Ahmedabad Dt. 11/1/2000
Ministry of Social Justice & Emp. Dept. Govt. of Gujarat.
5 Secondary School Reg. No. Index No. 68.392
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Education Dept. Govt. of Gujarat.
6 I.T.I. For Disabled Reg. No. GIA/GH-5/1999/2755 Gandhinagar Dt. 28/7/1999
Ministry a labour & Empl. Dept. Govt of Gujarat.
7 National Trust Reg No. 0603/MD/2001. Dt. 1/3/2001
Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment. New Delhi.-1
8 Income Tex 80(G)(5) No. SRT/CIT/SIB/104-2780 Dt. 26/3/1998 Valid up to 31/3/2001
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